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45 USD - if you wish to pay via PayPal, DM me on Discord - Griffonka#1020


3 outfits
DPS - 3 places
2 hair styles + many colour options (emission sliders, hue shifts)
Body hue shift
Eye hue shift
Clone system
Custom facial expressions
Resculpted body and face - better movement in VRChat
PBR texture set up

How to upload :

1) Import VRC SDK that I am including on gumroad - VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022.

2) Import Poiyomi PRO 7.3.50_and_8.1.153

3) Import Arktoon shader that I am including on gumroad

4) Import DPS 1_31 (if you want the DPS features of course) and go to DPS folder and click the plugin and import it)

5) Import the unity package with the Avatar, either with clone or without - depends how u want it :)


Head: https://tormentekko.gumroad.com E͓̽k͓̽k͓̽o͓̽#6676

Body: https://zinpia.sellfy.store/ Sugs#9795

Hair: https://saikura.gumroad.com Saikura#0006

Robe: https://lolo-vrchat.gumroad.com Lolo#5454

Winter Outfit: https://deimos.sellfy.store/ Deimos#6533

Ribbon: https://payhip.com/b/63l9u

Bodysuit: https://payhip.com/Nauuki Nauuki#5353

Tail:https://orcaora.gumroad.com Orca#1415

Horns: https://vinuzhka.gumroad.com

Eye Texture: https://ryuohh.gumroad.com Ryuohh#0001

Body Texture:https://lunyawa.gumroad.com luni#0690

Particles: zepwlert#0001 https://zepwlert.gumroad.com


By purchasing this model you are agreeing to the terms of use.

1. no; leaking, trading, friend uploads, or price splitting, resale, redistribution

2. YOU may NOT: upload this model to other accounts, use parts of this model for commercial use

3. only PRIVATE use

4. YOU MAY use stuff made by me on your avatars for personal use only!

5. DO NOT DO minimal changes of my work and turn the avatar around for resale.

6. You MUST enter your Discord ID, VRChat name in order to purchase.

7. If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatar, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators.

8. There are no refunds. If you purchase the asset and the transaction is completed, the order is finished

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10 ratings
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